Workoutpartner is a workout diary program I worked on for a while. I abandoned the project because although I liked using it, the practicalities of having that information online instead of in an installed program made it obvious that Workoutpartner didn’t have a future. The rest of this page is a promotional page I made to show off Workoutpartner.  The program supports english and norwegian locales, but not all of the words have been translated, as you can see in the screenshots below.


WorkoutPartner is a workout organizer and diary that helps you keep track of your weightlifting progress. It has been designed to be an effective tool for both beginners and professionals without adding unnecessary features and complexity.

WorkoutPartner makes it easy to setup workout routines, document training sessions and track your progress. You can add new exercises and manage multiple workout routines through the helpful wizard dialogs.

WorkoutPartner supports multiple users, so your partner or a whole family can use the program to monitor their progress. A fitness studio or personal trainer can use WorkoutPartner to keep track of customers, their workout routines and progress.



Startup screen

A simple startup screen with an overview of the most used actions. The buttons take you directly to the screen of your choice.


Your Workout

Shows workout details for you current active workout. When you select an exercise, the description (and optional picture) are shown for that exercise. Repetitions, sets and weight can easily be changed directly in the exercise table.




You can keep a workout log in the easy to use diary. When you make a new entry your active workout and relevant profile details are copied to the entry. Days with entries are marked, so you have an easy way of seeing when you have done you workouts.




Based in the data from the diary, WorkoutPartner calculates statistics and shows your progress for the available data.



Workout List

WorkoutPartner lets you create as many workout routines as you want. The Workout List screen gives you an overview of the workouts you have made, and the description and exercises in the selected workout. It is easy to Add, Remove or Edit your workouts through WorkoutPartner’s wizard dialogs.



Exercise List

The exercise list gives you a quick overview of all the exercises. WorkoutPartner comes with a full range of pre-defined exercises. You can easily add, remove or edit exercises through the wizard dialogs. An exercise can have a picture (even animated!) that shows the correct execution of the exercise, and a detailed exercise execution description.




The profile page lets you change your weight, fate percent, and other attributes. You can also change your active workout here, or in the Workout List page. You can password protect your profile to allow for privacy when there are multiple users of the same program.
















































































































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