Darkfall 2 year anniversary!

Darkfall was released a little over 2 years ago, on the 25th of February 2009.

Having been one of the original members of the team and one of the founders, I felt the urge to tell the story of the making of Darkfall.

This my personal account, but I have tried to tell the story as accurately as possible. There are enough details to fill a book, so I have selected the parts that are important to me in order to fit this into a readable post.

Click here to read ‘The making of Darkfall – One developers perspective’

2 thoughts on “Darkfall 2 year anniversary!

  1. as a developer I have to say that what you did is really impressive (even if it took you so long), the engine itself is capable of so many things and even your source code looks really good (especially for a project with such a long history)

    on the other hand as a Darkfall player I have to say that Aventurine failed terribly, failed to keep their customers

    – a stat/skill system that forces you to run the game 23/7 to be competitive with top players
    – bad communication with player base
    – a lot of time wasted on a stuff that no one wants or is basically useless in it’s current state
    – a support department from hell

    and especially the speed of new content addition, Aventurine have built a solid foundation, but failed to keep it “running”, that makes me sad

    btw if you still feel some urge to tell the story of the making of Darkfall, it would be cool to do some Q&A from the developer point of view, I would be glad to provide some questions ;]

  2. Really a nice read Ricki.

    Thanks for sharing this, that was your passion for 12 years, with all of us. I´m sure that all players can appreciate it.

    I will keep this as a big treasure within my experience in Darkfall.

    Best regards o/

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