Ja Ja JavaZone

I got back from JavaZone last week; a 2-day Java-oriented programming conference. JavaZone 2010 was a very enjoyable and educational experience. I got to attend quite a few really good talks, including some good lightning talks. The most memorable talks in no particular order:

As you can see, most of these talks don’t have much to do with Java, but they were all great and might make me a better developer if I take just a bit of the wisdom to heart.

I was particularly impressed with the professional execution of the conference. Just about everything went smooth as could be (well, wifi at conferences is always a nightmare). Dinner and lunch was served to two thousand attendees with no more than a few minutes waiting once you queued up!

All in all a great conference! I am already looking forward to JavaZone 2011.

PS! If any of the above talks sound interesting, all the talks have been made available as videoes linked from the Javazone main page.

PPS! Here is the JavaZone 2010 music video:

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