How to avoid Play Framework killing performance

  Note: This article is about Play Framework 1.2.x and might not apply to Play 2.x projects. The other day I had to convert some code from C to Java. This code runs some pretty simple calculations, using a few classes as data-holders, and running a few thousand iterations. I had to get this working as part of the backend for a Play Framework web application. In C the code would run blindingly fast, and return the results within 10-20 milliseconds. All good! After a couple of hours of converting the code and fixing the pointer/reference/initialization oddities between Java and C, I got the code running. Well, more like walking, or lazily sauntering along. The Java code took 4 seconds to run. I know Java is perceived to be slow, but my experience with it was telling me that there is no way it should be so slow. I had a look at the Java code. Lots of Math.Pow(), Math.sqrt() calls, a lot

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