Weekend in Rome

I spent this last weekend in Rome. I got to see the Colosseum, Pantheon, Saint Peters’ Basilica, Piazza Navona and more. Colosseum was the most impressive building. Even today in its broken-down state, it still is incredibly impressive. I would love to be able to take a 3d-tour of the place as it was when it was built. A good second best will be watching The Gladiator again soon!

Ja Ja JavaZone

I got back from JavaZone last week; a 2-day Java-oriented programming conference. JavaZone 2010 was a very enjoyable and educational experience. I got to attend quite a few really good talks, including some good lightning talks. The most memorable talks in no particular order: Emergent Design — Neal Ford How we blew our shot at beating Spotify, spending two metric truckloads of cash doing it — Espen Dalløkken It Is Possible to Do Object-Oriented Programming in Java — Kevlin Henney Leveraging Open Source – Everything You Wanted to Know About Open Source that Nobody Told You (including getting paid to do it) — Jeff Genender Hacking Your Brain for Fun and Profit — Nathaniel Schutta As you can see, most of these talks don’t have much to do with Java, but they were all great and might make me a better developer if I take just a bit of the wisdom to heart. I was particularly impressed with the professional

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