Three kids, a job, a life, and a dream

Way back in 1998 me and a few friends started something that changed all our lives. I was 24 at the time, just finished with computer science studies at the university in Bergen, and had moved to Oslo to start working in a company that reviewed and sold games. The company was going to build a gaming network and I was hired to help them. Here I met Claus and Bjørn Tore who had the idea for an mmo called Darkfall.

I had been nurturing a dream of making games since I was a kid, and hearing about Darkfall made me want to turn that dream into reality. From the autumn of 1998 we started getting all the pieces into place, and after a couple of false starts we founded Razorwax in May 2000, and had seed funding secured by July that same year.

Fast forward to April 2002. Our original investor told us we weren’t going to receive any more money from them, but since our offices were in the investors building they would let us stay there a while longer so we could try a last-ditch effort to get proper funding. Continue reading “Three kids, a job, a life, and a dream”