Dragons’ Den – Into the mouth of madness

This year Bergen had its first Game Development Festival, arranged by Linn Søvig, JoinGame and the Norwegian Game Developers Guild. The festival was named Konsoll, the Norwegian word for Console (read: Xbox, Ps3, Wii and the likes).

Disclaimer: I am on the board of the Game Developers Guild, but was not involved with the workgroup that was responsible for arranging Konsoll.

Dragons’ Den is based on a TV show. The concept goes like this:

A hopeful entrepreneur has a set time to present his great idea to a panel of experts, and then the panel has a set time to critique the idea. When I say critique, I mean tear apart, as dragons do.

At Konsoll the Dragons’ Den was set up so that the entrepreneurs had 5 minutes to present their ideas, and the panel had 10 minutes to give feedback. After the feedback each panelist would have a fictional 10 million Nok (around  $1 300 000) to distribute to the participants. The panel was Alex Trowers from Boss Alien Ltd, Bjørn Alsterberg from BTO, James Portnow from Rainmaker Games and Tor Ole Rognaldsen from Fuzz.

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